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2019 Calendars

As we head into winter of 2018, here is my new calendar, for 2019,  for your home or office. They make lovely gifts, just in time for the holidays, and they can also be shipped internationally for a very reasonable charge. Click on the Lulu link below to purchase. 

2019 ~ My New England

2019 New England Birds

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 My 2019 New England Calendar is a collection of some of my favorite destinations, some of which I've visited before and some new.  From the January and February images, shot in sub zero temperatures, during the weeks when the sea smoke was completely haunting and beautiful every day, to the hot, humid days of summer, to the March image of the Milky Way, shot at 3:30a.m. during a lucky week, when the red beacon was broken - perfectly timed for the necessity of shooting in dark skies, it's been a fantastic year.

Thank you for your interest in my photography and this year's calendar!

"2019 My New England" Preview of Each Month

"2019 New England Birds" Preview of Each Month