A little something about me...

The photographer, at Eilean Donan Castle - Sept 2015

First and foremost, if you are looking to purchase my work, please send me an email - via the contact option through this website.  Although I've removed the ability for someone to buy directly through this SmugMug website, my prints are definitely for sale, but just through other venues.  Also, I'd love you to "follow" my work on Instagram - @hersheyartimages AND on Facebook - Susan Hershey / Hershey Art Images.  Thank you!

Susan Hershey is a long-time lover of travel & landscape photography.

"A few years back, I returned to the UK (to visit dear friends, who I consider my second family) and to travel to Scotland which included many destinations in which my photography would take the front seat.  It was the first time that I carefully orchestrated destinations with the time of day, so that it would work for what I wanted to shoot and the feeling I would hope to portray.  At the time, I had a "beginner" digital camera, and although that camera has since been replaced, looking back, it served me well, and gave me a good start for what was to come.  Since that trip to Scotland in 2015, my love and devotion to photography has multiplied ten fold.   I live it. I breathe it. And, I work it into all of my days off, whether it's behind the camera or behind a computer.

In 2017, my travels through Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Massachusetts, made for my best year of New England travel ever. I saw and photographed more lighthouses than I could have ever imagined, and my love of night photography, and photographing the Milky Way really took off.  Ask me about the night I spent, in a field in Vermont - just me and the fireflies ;-). It was a magical night, under the stars, shooting the beautiful, Milky Way.  This same year, my business via my website and online sales increased, I added several more locations carrying my photo cards, matted enlargements and calendars, and I even had one of my very large, panoramic images ship all the way to customer in Scotland.

Also, in August, 2017, I was accepted as a juried member to the New Hampshire Art Association, which has their main gallery in Portsmouth, NH called the Lincoln Levy on State Street.  During 2018, I had a Body of Work exhibit on display there for the month May and sold five out of 11 images displayed.

Photography remained and grew over 2018, and in the spring I shifted from only landscape photography, to a love of photographing birds.  This began during an "irruption" year of Snowy Owls, who migrate into New England every winter, although in 2018, there were so many, they were easy to find.  After the Snowy's returned to their northern, summer homes in the Arctic, I began searching for other birds to photograph, which included the York River Bald Eagles, who were raising their offspring.  We watched them sit on the nest, and finally watched their offspring (who we named Stella) fledge, and discover her beautiful neighborhood.

And, in the early winter of 2019, I made a few visits to Portland, Maine where we were wowed by a long-distance visitor from South America (or perhaps Mexico) with the appearance of a Great Black Hawk.  This is believed to be the first ever, of this species, to be seen in the United States.  You'll find several images of this bird in my "Raptors and Other Birds" gallery.  This southern bird was rescued, in Portland in early January 2019, where it was found on the ground, suffering from frostbite.  Sadly, the frostbite caused too much damage, and this unusual visitor was euthanized in late January.  You can read all about this bird in my upcoming article (out in April 2020) in "Nature Photographer" magazine.

Luckily, in the winter of 2019-20,  I also had the good fortune to "meet" Fitzy" - a two-year old, male, Snowy Owl that was rescued and rehabilitated in Quebec in the fall of 2018.  He arrived in Rhode Island in the winter of 2019 and has been delighting crowds ever since.

During the winter of 2020, I spent a lot of time at my favorite refuge in Massachusetts, photographing the Short-eared Owls and the Snowy Owl's, both of whom only spend a few short winter months here in Northern New England.  You'll see both of these beautiful owls, in my "Owls" gallery.  Once the pandemic hit in mid March, I was limited visiting the refuge, and by early April, the area where I photograph them, was gated and no longer had access.  The Snowy Owls appear to have left the area in early March.  Last images I took of the Short-eared Owls (which appear in my Owls gallery) were taken on March 22nd. Now with lots of time on my hands (furloughed from my day job) but with limits on where I can go, I'm trying to stay closer to home.  In the spring, birds are mating and building their nests, except for the Great Horned Owl (first image in my Owl's gallery, who is one of the very earliest birds to mate and bear young.

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