About Me - Susan Hershey

A little something about me...

The photographer, at Eilean Donan Castle - Sept 2015

Susan Hershey is a long-time lover of travel & landscape photography.

"A few years back, I returned to the UK (to visit dear friends, who I consider my second family) and to travel to Scotland which included many destinations in which my photography would take the front seat.  It was the first time that I carefully orchestrated destinations with the time of day, so that it would work for what I wanted to shoot and the feeling I would hope to portray.  At the time, I had a "beginner" digital camera, and although that camera has since been replaced, looking back, it served me well, and gave me a good start for what was to come.  Since that trip to Scotland in 2015, my love and devotion to photography has multiplied ten fold.   I live it. I breathe it. And, I work it into all of my days off, whether it's behind the camera or behind a computer.

In 2017, my travels through Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Massachusetts, made for my best year of New England travel ever. I saw and photographed more lighthouses than I could have ever imagined, and my love of night photography, and photographing the Milky Way really took off.  Ask me about the night I spent, in a field in Vermont - just me and the fireflies ;-). It was a magical night, under the stars, shooting the beautiful, Milky Way.  This same year, my business via my website and online sales increased, I added several more locations carrying my photo cards, matted enlargements and calendars, and I even had one of my very large, panoramic images ship all the way to customer in Scotland.

Also, in August, 2017, I was accepted as a juried member to the New Hampshire Art Association, which has their main gallery in Portsmouth, NH called the Lincoln Levy on State Street.  During 2018, I had a Body of Work exhibit on display there for the month May and sold five out of 11 images displayed.

Stay tuned for more updates as I finish out 2018.