Card Sets

Fine Art Photography Cards

Cards can be ordered individually or in sets.  Each set contains a selection of four different photo cards and envelopes which will arrive  in a crystal clear box, keeping them safe, and beautifully  packaged if given as a gift.  All prints are suitable for framing as they are, and enlargements are available.  Contact me directly (via this website to order) as cards are made to order and take a bit of time to make, pack and ship.

Sample Card - Eileen Donan Castle

Untitled photo

Sample - Back of two-sided card

Untitled photo

Choose any of my photographs, from any gallery, and custom cards can be created.  Each image is hand-printed by me and mounted on my personal card stock.  Each card will be signed.  Landscape images mounted on cards will also include the a reference to the location.  For images of birds and flowers, identification can be added or not.  Each card comes with an envelope and is packaged in a protective, resealable cellophane bag.  $5 per card plus shipping via US Mail.  Orders of more than 30 cards, $4.50 per card.

Gift idea:  Four cards with envelopes (no cellophane) can be packaged in a clear, protective box.  Any images can be chosen from on my website to create a unique collection.   Boxed card sets of four cards per box - $16 plus shipping via US Mail. 

Beautiful, heavy card stock.  A lovely keepsake, with the handprinted photo image mounted on the front.  Every card comes with an envelope and individual cards/envelopes are packages in a resealable cellophane bag.  Card sets come packaged without the cellophane bags, but will arrive in a crystal clear box.

Owl image preview

Untitled photo

Flower image preview

Untitled photo